October 24, 2011

Can You Replace Air Filled Tires with Nitrogen?

Many questions abound regarding the differences between filling your tires with compressed air versus filling them with nitrogen gas.  We've discussed the benefits of nitrogen tire inflation elsewhere in this blog (See:
Advantages of Nitrogen Tire Inflation, More Tire Shops Are Choosing Nitrogen Tire Inflation, and Costco Tire Center Uses Nitrogen Inflation for Tires).

People also have many questions about replacing their air filled tires with nitrogen.  Ideally, it's best to run your vehicle on 4 nitrogen filled tires.  This maintains a steady and even tire pressure for maximum performance, gas mileage, and optimum safety.  We recommend that people interested in replacing their air filled tires with nitrogen visit a tire shop that supplies nitrogen gas for tire inflation (like one that uses the TireBlast® Nitrogen Tire Filling System!) and make sure a professional oversees the tire inflation.  It's important to keep a proper balance between all 4 tires to eliminate uneven wear and potentially imbalanced steering.

For more information about Nitrogen Tire Inflation, please contact South-Tek Systems, the makers of the TireBlast Nitrogen Tire Filling System at 888-526-6284.

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